Social Anxiety is an overwhelming fear of social situations. Social interactions and social norms can increase people's ambiguities and anxieties about social situations. Therefore, most people with social Anxiety appear shy or anxious in several social circumstances, and those feelings develop from several physical and mental factors from childhood to adulthood. People with mild to moderate social anxiety symptoms are most likely to have frequent negative thought patterns, which keep them anxious.

As a result, I saw an opportunity to apply my illustration practice in narrative illustration and my interest in sequential imagery. I have developed this project to convey Social Anxiety and negative thinking patterns by using the comic strip to engage with a young audience. The invisible cat comic focuses on a teenage girl protagonist struggling with her Anxiety that appears to be an invisible cat. I interpreted the mischievous cat personality as an Anxiety sensation that keeps appearing and annoying her daily social activities. Furthermore, in order to engage with an audience, I created a puzzle to challenge the reader between chapters and use it to represent the narrative more interactively. Even though this project is in the development process, I hope it can start a conversation about Social Anxiety, especially awareness of negative thoughts. 

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Chapter 1
The mystery Door


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